Mr. & Mrs. Wells

I would like to start a regular #WCW Wedding Crush Wednesday feature. The purpose is just to give those couples planning a wedding some insight on the good, bad, and indifferent in planning a wedding. There is a lot to planning a wedding and it is good to see the different aspects from both the bride and groom's perspective. What better couple to kick-start it off other than yours truly, Mr. & Mrs. Wells?!?! Wedding Date: October 20, 2012 Inside Ceremony & Reception Mardi Gras Theme (Purple & Gold color scheme) Approximate expense: $10-$15k Why did you all pick that date? "We tried to stay around October 23rd and we figured with our Royal Purple & Gold color scheme; it would be nicely compli

Interview The Venue

Are you a new "over-your-head"event-coordinator, "stressed-out and beaten-up" Maid of Honor, overwhelmed "Bridezilla" or "perfectly normal" individual looking for the perfect venue to host your next big event but don't know how to narrow it down? If so... then you've come to the right place! I have used my experience and the experience of others to come up with an extensive guide and checklist to help you pick out the venue that best fits you and the needs of your event. This Complete Guide & Checklist on what to ask... When Picking a Venue is broken down into 5 major categories: 1.) General Facility & Special Additions This section of the guide is to get a general understanding of the faci

EASY & EFFECTIVE way to Spice Up your party's photos

D.I.Y Photo Booth This is the generation of Social Media & "Likes". The world is connected by pictures. This is why some of the common hashtags like #SELFIE, #USIE, & #PHOTOBOMB have become so popular because we can't stop snapping pics and hoping they go "viral". We take pictures when we're sick (#SICK), when we're in the bathroom (#BathroomPic), when we eat (especially if we go to a fancy restaurant), at work, when we drive...etc. Pictures are meant to make memories and statements. With this being said, when we plan a party, whether we want to admit it or not, we care what everyone thinks. It's almost guaranteed that 8 out of 10 people will post a picture from a party while the event is st

5 Steps to Planning a "Memorable" Event Without Breaking the Bank

Who wants to really spend their life savings planning an event for people to forget all about it after the fact? Don't let it be you! I have 5 easy & effective tips to help you throw an event without taking the hammer to your piggy bank. 1.) Set a Theme It may sound “corny”, but this really makes it easy on the brain. The more you have to think, the more money you spend! It’s a proven fact! Ok... Ok... I definitely made that last part up, but it makes sense. Choosing a theme allows you to focus & gives you more structure when planning. Just remember, the theme can be as simple as you want (i.e. Ladies Night Pink Party) or as elaborate as you desire (i.e. 1940s Old Hollywood Birthday Bash).

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