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My name is Candace and I'm a proud mother of two and wife of one! I reside in Virginia and am currently a Pharmacy Analyst that is loving life. I’m also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and yes honey… THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER! So, not only does this chick have beauty inside and out, but she also has the brains to match. I graduated with honors from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor’s in Biology and minor in Chemistry. Although I love health care and the ability to touch many human lives with my day to day work, I’ve been interested in event planning for approximately 3 years. I began doing events for family, friends, and associates as a ‘side gig ‘, but I am ready to expand my creativity across the world. What better way to get myself, my talents, and my creativity out other than just going for it, so here I am!

Candace Wells
Founder | Creative Director | Event Planner | Wedding Coordinator | etc.



I met him over a decade ago in a basement party full of shameless teenagers and hormones. I guess it's safe to say he liked my moves, fell in love, and asked me to marry him. Yeah I'm sure I've skipped a lot of details in between but let's not waste each other's time. The net of it is.. This is my husband & best friend, Marsel and this will not be the last time you see him, so get used to it. 

Marsel Wells Sr.
Biggest Supporter & Husband

Executing the Heart's Desires


One thing you must know about me is.... I AM A PROUD MOMMY! I'm probably the type of mom that you can't stand and that many comedians joke about. I'm definitely the type of mom that has almost every picture known to man of her children conveniently accessible and can whip them out in point 2 seconds. I can't help it and don't choose to try. Bias or not.. my kids are adorable and every moment that I can show them off... you better believe I will. This may be your first time "meeting" my M&M kids, but it will not be the last...

Marsel Wells Jr. & Ma'Leia Wells
Mini Motivators & Heart of Alluring DeKor
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