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EASY & EFFECTIVE way to Spice Up your party's photos

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

D.I.Y Photo Booth

This is the generation of Social Media & "Likes". The world is connected by pictures. This is why some of the common hashtags like #SELFIE, #USIE, & #PHOTOBOMB have become so popular because we can't stop snapping pics and hoping they go "viral". We take pictures when we're sick (#SICK), when we're in the bathroom (#BathroomPic), when we eat (especially if we go to a fancy restaurant), at work, when we drive...etc. Pictures are meant to make memories and statements.

With this being said, when we plan a party, whether we want to admit it or not, we care what everyone thinks. It's almost guaranteed that 8 out of 10 people will post a picture from a party while the event is still going on and fill up their friends' news feeds with updated pics and posts. As the event coordinators/hosts, we have to make sure that the pics that they post are a great representation of the fabulous party we've worked so hard to plan.

What better way to "Spice-up" those pictures than with a photo booth?!? Sounds like a great plan, but why spend a couple hundred dollars when you can make one your self? This D.I.Y Photo booth concept is ideal for smaller and intimate parties with close family and friends.


Great question, and it's not hard at all. I'll break it down into three easy steps. Let's take my son's 1st "Carnival/Circus" themed party for example.

1st: My best friend, also his godmother, purchased a backdrop stand from Amazon for as low as thirty something dollars. (Note: this step is somewhat optional because you definitely can still achieve the look without it, but this method is highly recommended for a much more neat and secured backdrop presentation.)

2nd: My husband and I went to Walmart and found a vibrant polka dot shower curtain (as pictured above) to match the colorful carnival theme decor. We hung it up on the stand and VUALAH!

3rd: I grabbed old hats, clothes, wigs from family members, and in addition, purchased a few funny props and that was my DIY Prob box.

The same friend/god mom took pictures for me and there you have it...your own Photo booth... easy as... 1...2...3!

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