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Mr. & Mrs. Wells

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I would like to start a regular #WCW Wedding Crush Wednesday feature. The purpose is just to give those couples planning a wedding some insight on the good, bad, and indifferent in planning a wedding. There is a lot to planning a wedding and it is good to see the different aspects from both the bride and groom's perspective. What better couple to kick-start it off other than yours truly, Mr. & Mrs. Wells?!?!

Wedding Date: October 20, 2012

Inside Ceremony & Reception

Mardi Gras Theme (Purple & Gold color scheme)

Approximate expense: $10-$15k

Why did you all pick that date?

"We tried to stay around October 23rd and we figured with our Royal Purple & Gold color scheme; it would be nicely complimented by the "fall" leaves and scenery when we took pictures"

How long were you engaged?

"We were engaged for approximately 15 months.

Where did you get inspiration from for the color scheme of your wedding?

"We both like the color purple and thought gold would be a nice color to compliment it and then after looking on Pinterest, we both fell in love with the idea of incorporating 'Mardi Gras' as a theme."

What was your best memory?

Bride: "During the reception when everyone was dancing and taking pictures with their Mardi Gras masks."

Groom: "Sharing the first dance with my beautiful wife"

What was your worst memory?

Bride: "When my cousins and groomsmen got into an altercation & when my DJ started singing Elvis (this was not approved!)"

Groom: "My groomsmen getting into it with my wife's family"

Would you get married all over again?

Bride: "Yes because even though there were things that didn't go as planned it was still one of the best days of my life besides my children being born."

Groom: "I would, just to make sure it goes the way it was supposed to. We had a few things that didn't go according to plans"

Was it what you expected?

Bride: "It was way more than I ever expected it to be!"

Groom: "It was more expensive than I expected"

What is the best advice you would give to someone else planning their wedding?

Bride: "Take your time with planning and BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET!"

Groom: "Take your time and don't rush to choose anything. Your first option isn't always the best!"

Are there any pictures that you wish your photographer would have captured, but didn't?

Bride: "I wish we would've gotten pictures with our flower girl and ring bearer. We had so many people in our party that when we left to take pictures the little ones were left behind. Our photographer was great, but she didn't capture our first kiss."

Groom: "I feel like the photographer captured all of the most important moments."

What was your most wasteful purchase in regards to planning your wedding?

Bride: "For me, it would have to be these gorgeous shoes that I bought. I'm so upset that I was unable to wear them because I was 7 1/2 - 8 months pregnant and my ankles were extremely swollen."

Groom: "Paying the venue owner to also be the DJ. He was a cool guy but didn't play the kind of music either side of the families enjoyed."

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