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Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This week's WeddingCrushWednesday couple goes to Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz. I went to high school with Jesus (also known as/better known as "Baby"). We are now neighbors and it was a true pleasure to sit down and talk with him and his beautiful wife, Janisha about their wedding experience. The two reside and Northern Virginia and have two beautiful little girls. Janisha works for Comcast in their virtual inbound sales department and Jesus works as a Field Supervisor for a flooring company. Please take a moment to read how these two planned their beautiful Destination Wedding in Cancun, Mexico.

How and when did you two meet?

"We met through work." -Jesus (Baby)

"It was about 7 years ago in 2009." -Janisha

"I booked her in like one day!" -Jesus (Baby)

How long did you guys date before you got engaged?

"We got engaged in 2011." -Janisha

"Almost 3 years." -Jesus (Baby)

How did you know that Janisha was the one?

"I don't know. It was just the fact that I wanted to be with her all the time. I just wanted to do everything together as a pair. Also, she was the one that made me want to change and settle down. I wanted to stop going out and spend all my time with her instead of hanging out with my boys and stuff like that. “-Jesus (Baby)

How did you propose to her?

Well it was our second time to Cancun and it was on Valentine's Day. We were walking on the beach and I proposed to her. I didn't have a ring because the situation with me getting the ring before the trip didn't work out as of planned. I don't think she took me quite serious at the time. I told her that it was the plan to have the ring and propose to her on the beach on Valentine's Day, but I didn't have the ring." -Jesus (Baby)

How did you react to the proposal and were you surprised?

I'm not really a material person and I was pretty much like you don't really need a ring to propose. I feel like you can propose at any time. It's nothing to me. I was kind of laughing a lot. I had no idea about the proposal until we got there because he was telling me that he had been trying to get a ring, but that he couldn't and he feels like he ruined the trip. He was saying this from the airport to the hotel and I was kind of like you really didn't have to tell me that. That's kind of why I laughed and when he actually did it, but I was happy."


Wedding Date: November 12, 2013

Outside Ceremony & Reception (Gran Caribe Real; Cancun Mexico)

Why did you all decide to have a Destination Wedding versus a Traditional Wedding?

"When I proposed to her I told her that I wanted to marry her there on that beach. I think it was more my idea than it was hers. I told her that I wanted to give her a wedding that she deserved and that she'll remember forever." -Jesus (Baby)

How did your family and friends feel about you all deciding to have a Destination Wedding?

"Originally it was just going to be me, her, my mom, and her mom. We kind of didn't care who else would come to the wedding because I told her that we were the ones getting married and we were doing it for her and I and not anyone else. By the time the actually wedding day came there were about 40 people that actually came. A lot of friends asked us if they could come, so we pretty much made it an open wedding and left it open for anyone that wanted to come. My brothers and sisters couldn't go due to timing and finances, but my parents, her parents, and a bunch of friends were able to make it." -Jesus (Baby)

Wedding Colors: White & Beige

Where did you get the inspiration from for your wedding colors?

"Since it was on the beach I told everyone that I wanted everyone to wear white. I didn't really want anybody standing out with a different color." -Jesus (Baby)

Did you all have a bridal party?

"I didn't want one from the beginning. I just wanted it to be something small and have my girls to be there. I did end up having my older and younger sister to walk down." -Janisha

Approximate Expense: $20K-$25K

What was your favorite or best memory from your wedding day?

"Once everything was all together. After the ceremony is when I felt relieved because everything up to that point I was stressed about. Once I saw everybody there together having fun I felt good and I was happy. All I wanted was for everybody to be there on vacation and show up to the wedding on time." -Janisha

"I don't have one particular favorite moment, but I think the whole thing was my favorite. Having so many people there really touched me because I thought it was just going to be us and our parents. It was nice having family and friends there. It made it really feel good." -Jesus (Baby)

What was your worst memory from your wedding day?

"It finished too early and the Wi-Fi was getting bad at night. We didn't have a DJ, so we played the music on the computer. For some reason the area where we were from where the hotel was didn't have really good reception." -Janisha

"Yeah we decided that we didn't need a DJ, so we just had a friend to play the music from the computer. Everything was on the beach so the Wi-Fi from the hotel didn't really reach that far out, so that was the only thing. Other than that everything else seemed to go as planned. After people had a few drinks in them they were ready to party and that was messing up the groove a little bit." -Jesus (Baby)

What was the most helpful during the wedding planning process?

"I'm a control freak, so I normally need to have things on hand and be able to see certain things to be able to get anything done. The wedding planner over there was really helpful. She kept sending me pictures because it was hard to really picture things on paper as far as what's included and what's not. Also having my friends and my mom helping me out over here really helped a lot." -Janisha

"Her doing everything and me just sitting back relaxing and enjoying the show was the most helpful for me." -Jesus (Baby)

"He helped make the decisions. He was pretty much the 'groomzilla'. I was pretty much asking if he liked this or that and he was the one that made the final decisions. He knew what he wanted." -Janisha

What was the most stressful part during the wedding planning process?

"The most stressful was her trying to take too much stuff from here to over there." -Jesus (Baby)

"I had to take all the centerpieces and decorations. I'm not a flower person and I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars for centerpieces if they are just going to die. I pretty bought and made everything here and then packed up everything to make sure it didn't crack and/or break on the way over there. I was also afraid that I was going to forget something. We got there Saturday and the wedding was Tuesday. The whole time that everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves I just kept going back and forth to the store to make sure we had everything we needed. The one thing thing that I left and still can't find to this day is the cake topper." -Janisha

If you could get married all over again, would you, and would you do it the same way?

"I think I would do it all over again. I would definitely try not to stress myself so much. We plan on doing it again for our anniversary." -Janisha

"Yeah I'm going to just let her do it all. It'll probably have to be for our 10 year anniversary because I don't know if we'll be ready for our 5 year anniversary." -Jesus (Baby)

Do you think your wedding day was more, less, or what you expected it to be?

"I think it was what I expected and maybe even a little more due to the fact that so many people came and we didn't think it was going to be that many. I think that's what made it a little more special to me just having so many people there and support us all the way out there." -Jesus (Baby)

"It was more than what I expected. Everyone keeps telling us that it was the best wedding and that they want to go back and that feels good." -Janisha

How did you all factor in time for your honeymoon or did you just make it a family and friends vacation?

"We were there for almost two weeks. We got there on Saturday and the wedding was on a Tuesday. After the day of the wedding we stayed at a hotel right next door which was an adults only facility. The girls stayed with my mom and dad at the other hotel, so we had a nice honeymoon for like 3 days at the adults only hotel. We came back after and some of our friends were still there, so we stayed and hung out." -Jesus (Baby)

What would you say, in your opinion, is one of the biggest misconceptions in regards to getting married?

"I think some people say and think that once you get married it all goes downhill. I've heard people joke about it and say that once you get married you will change or things will change and I don't think we changed at all. I think things got even better after we got married." -Janisha

"People think that things are going to change. I think we were together long enough. I felt like she was the one. She wasn't just like a girl friend to me. I loved her more than that so I thought that getting married was the right thing to do." -Jesus (Baby)

What would be the best advice that you would give to a couple planning their wedding and also for them to remember while they are starting their new marriage together?

"I would say to just make sure they you plan it ahead. Don't wait until the last minute because it takes a lot to plan a wedding, especially if you want it to be the way you really want it. Also, plan it together." -Jesus (Baby)

"I would say not to stress yourself and try to enjoy every little thing. I would say try to document every little thing. I think making a scrapbook or album is good so you can always go back and remember how you were feeling. As of right now when I look back at pictures I remember exactly how I felt on that exact date and it's nice to go back and look at that." -Janisha

"I would say that communication is key. Not communicating is unhealthy for the relationship and once you become married you're one. You should have no problem telling something to your spouse.

"Always do things together. It's a 50/50 relationship. You don't always have to be in agreement, but always consider the other person. You don't want to make your spouse feel like what you say is what goes all the time." -Janisha

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this week's #WCW and I hope that you tune in every Wednesday for new couples, stories, advice, tips, and guidance. Also, if you or someone that you know is interested in being featured as a future WeddingCrushWednesday couple, please email me at:

Happy Planning

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