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Mr. & Mrs. Williams

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This week's #WCW is truly 'Crush Worthy'. These two together have so much style and 'swag' that I personally put them in the same category as some celebrity couples. I met Myesha and Travon (most commonly referred to as 'Buddy') in college around 8-9 years ago and have always had such admiration for the couple's style, both individually and collectively. Like most of my previously featured couples, I was a part of their beautiful day of Holy Matrimony and it was as glamorous as them. The two are residing in Northern Virginia with their son, Travon Jr. 'TJ' and a much anticipated baby girl on the way. Please read on to see how my beautiful friend/sister (sorority sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) and husband planned their wedding, 'Celebrity Style'.

Wedding Date: September 21, 2013

Inside Ceremony & Inside Reception

(MOCA; Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Black & White with Silver and Gold 'Glitter Glam' Accents color scheme

Approximate expense: $30K

First Dance song: 'For You' - Kenny Latimore

Why did you all pick that date?

"That was what was available and it wasn't too hot or too cold." -answered the Groom: Travon

"I didn't want it to be 'summery' and I wanted to try to get a break on the price, but unfortunately it didn't work out, as far as the price was concerned. I wanted it to be fall though so this was the date available." -answered the Bride: Myesha

How long were you engaged?

After some thinking, the Groom, Travon, answered: "Close to 4 years"

Where did you get inspiration from for the color scheme of your wedding?

"Initially I wanted this all white 'Super Glam' theme, but my money wasn't right so we just went with whatever my mom came up with. Plus all the celebrities' weddings, that was their colors. I think I saw NeNe Leak's wedding pictures and liked how all her flowers and decor were white. All her girls were in white though and I wanted my girls to be in black, but I think I got a lot of my inspiration from her and celebrities, in general”

What was your best memory?

After taking too much time to think, in the bride's opinion, 'Buddy' answered "Seeing her walk down the aisle" Quickly interjecting "Dang it took you that long to think about it?!?" responded Myesha (hehehe) and then later answered, "The best part for me was getting dressed and the anticipation of what was to come."

What was your worst memory?

"Not getting a family picture with 'TJ' or the flower girls" - answered the Bride: Myesha

The groom: Travon replied, "The Pastor! I don't know if he was drunk, but he was something! Something was off with him. We never got to repeat our vows. Another thing was we didn't get to have any of the food from our cocktail hour."

Would you get married all over again?

"I definitely would" -answered the Bride

"Yeah I would, as long as everybody paid their same portion, but if we had to pay for everything, then no." -answered the Groom: 'Buddy'

Was it what you expected?

Taking a moment to think, 'Buddy' responded, "Yeah I think it was what I expected."

"I think the decor and everything was more than what I expected. I was really proud of my mom. I didn't get to see everything she was making because a lot of the decor was fresh, so I was really impressed, when I walked in, with how everything came together."- answered the Bride: Myesha

"Yeah I agree; the decor of the reception exceeded my expectations. Actually everything kind of did because the 'turn up' was good too!" -Later adding, the Groom: Travon 'Buddy'

What is the best advice you would give to someone else planning their wedding?

"I would say make sure you have a solid budget and stick to it because I didn't. I was just like 'Oooh I want this' and 'Oooh I want that too'. At the end of the day it's really about your marriage." -answered the Bride: Myesha

"Start the preparation, as far as the groomsmen, early. I would suggest having the groomsmen to start preparing everything probably 3 or 4 months ahead." -answered the Groom: Travon

Are there any pictures that you wish your photographer would have captured, but didn't, other than what you already stated as your worst memory?

Myesha answered, "I wish I had gotten a second photographer for the guys."

"Yeah, I agree. We had no pictures of me and my guys getting ready because both the photographer and videographer were with her that morning." later agreed the Groom: Travon

What was your most wasteful purchase in regards to planning your wedding?

Collaboratively agreeing, they both answered "We didn't waste anything. We pretty much used everything that we purchased for that day." A few minutes later after conversing, the bride added "Actually I think the cake was probably our most wasteful purchase. We ordered too much because we had 2 tiers left over of uneaten cake."

What was your best/favorite wedding gift?

"All of our gifts were monetary, so that was my favorite." -answered the Groom.

Alluring DeKor was happy to sit down with Myesha and 'Buddy' to talk about and think back on the couple's beautiful day. I wish these two a lifetime full of love and happiness. Best of luck to them and their new bundle of joy, arriving soon, and their new kindergartner. Please stay tuned for next week's #WeddingCrushWednesday Couple.

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