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Mr. & Mrs. Quarles-Jenkins

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This week's #WCW couple was so fun to interview. I got the pleasure of being connected with them through a mutual friend and I really enjoyed them. Jeff and Chenai make an amazing couple with a defined 'great chemistry' and they actually remind me a lot of my husband and I. Jeff has a great sense of humor and seems to take much pride in pleasing his lady. Chenai demonstrates loyalty and has no shame proving her love for her man. Please read on to see how these two planned their wedding "Quarles-Jenkins" Style.

How and where did you two meet?

"We met in high school in tenth grade, but we didn't date until after high school." -answered Chenai.

How long were you dating before you got engaged?

"Ummmm.... like 5 years." -Chenai, responded.

How did you know she was the one?

"Wow... ummm... I think it was ummm... I moved away. I moved away to South Carolina, where I am originally from, and I actually kept in touch with her. She came and visited me and I was amazed at that. Normally when I dated someone and I moved or something I wouldn't keep in touch... I would be like... Well... that's over! She showed me more. We were dating for a while and then things went awry for me... you know... life happens and I had to move away and I don't think it was the end of it for her. She was pretty much like I'll prove it! It impressed me!" - answered Jeff.

How long were you engaged?

"2 years" -Jeff responded

"Yeah, 2 years!" -confirmed Chenai

Wedding Date:

August 18, 2012

Why did you pick that date? "It just happened to work out that way. We had originally picked April 21, 2012, but that didn't work out. We started planning later on and it just became more about what venues were open and when the church was available, really." -responded Chenai

Inside Ceremony (First AME Church)

Inside Reception (City Palace)

Was it mandatory, due to your religious beliefs, that you get married in a church?

"Ummm... It was more of preference to get married in a church." -answered Chenai

Approximate expense: $15-$20K

Color Scheme: Blue (Shade close to Tiffany Blue) & Pink

Where did you get inspiration from for your color scheme?

"I love blue, so we had to have blue" answered Chenai. "I love pink, so we had to have pink!" interrupted the joking Groom, Jeff. "No, that is not why. My mom kind of snuck pink in there so that's how pink got in there." continued the laughing Bride, Chenai.

Did Jeff help with the planning or did he just say 'you do it all and I'll just show up'?

Chenai started, "He... ““I did a lot!" Jeff quickly interrupted. "He did a lot of the set-up. But planning... He was kind of like just tell me when and where to show up." continued Chenai. "I mean I would agree with that. I'm not really good with planning." Jeff later agreed.

What caused the most stress while planning?

"Ummm.... I think the most stressful part was trying to please everyone else like Mom and Grandma. That was stressful." answered Chenai. "Worry about pleasing the Groom!" Jeff demanding his two-cents, added.

What did you find to be most helpful during your planning process?

"Yeah, I kind of looked at some bridal magazines. I wasn't really into Pinterest back then like I am now. Really, it was my mom. She was like the wedding planner. The day I got engaged she brought over a bunch of magazines." Chenai answered.

"I just watched a bunch of romantic comedies and was kind of like don't do that or do that!" Jeff joked.

What was your best memory?

"Oh man... I didn't know what to expect with the whole 'don’t be at the alter crying', but when I saw her walking down that aisle I just lost words. I was like 'Oh My God. I'm doing this!' It was a little like fight or flight. My knees were kind of jumping, but inside I felt good. I don't know; I think it was kind of like a 'good anxiety'. I remember before we got there; that ride to the church, I don't think I was speeding at all, but it took no time to get there and I was just like everything is perfect right now. I'm here and I'm here early. I was so nervous about doing something to mess up the wedding and when she started walking down the aisle I was just like, 'Wow' this is happening." -answered the genuine Groom, Jeff.

This interview was done over the phone so I asked Chenai if she was over there blushing and Jeff responded, "She's over here looking at me real weird. Why you smiling like that? I've never seen that smile before". We all had a good laugh and he clearly made Chenai very happy by his response. We then continued on with Chenai's response.

"When I finally saw Jeff! I didn't see anything or anybody. My dad was next to me and I mean I saw him, but like all I really saw was Jeff and the preacher and that was it."

What was your worst memory?

"I was not pleased with our limo service. Our limo service, let's just say, was not up to par. We were supposed to have a stretch, and an Expedition picked us up, not even a new Expedition, with a dude that just got off from work and put on a tie and suit and was pretty much like, 'Don't worry about those cigarette holes right there come on in'. I was just like ‘Wow’, but he got us there safely and nothing after that let me down, so it is what it is." -answered the funny, but disappointed Groom, Jeff.

"I completely forgot about that, but I remember when we got to the reception hall everyone kept complaining that the venue smelled really bad." Chenai answered. Jeff added, "But we partied though. I was like we paid all this money and got all this family here, so we are going to have good time." Chenai defended "I think what happened though was when we sat down to eat, the food was absolutely horrible and I think that was the smell. I don't know what happened, maybe the food spoiled, but it was bad. I heard that the second batch that came out was good, but we didn't have any."

If you could, would you get married all over again and if so, would you do it the same way?

"I think we would do it, but differently. I think that we would make it a lot smaller with a lot less people and go do something that we really wanted to do... Maybe like a 'Destination Wedding' with just our really close family and friends and then having a small reception when we got back or something. We were very worried about inviting our whole family and we had some people that were kind of pressuring that. We had a lot of people that didn't even show up." -answered Chenai.

Jeff started, "Yeah, I agree with that. I mean I don't want to shoot myself in the foot with saying anything." Chenai interjected, "A couple of times during the planning process, he was just like, 'Let's just go to the courthouse and get married'" Jeff continued, "I mean I was just like, let's just get to what we are really trying to get to here. Let's become a union under God and just go enjoy whatever this honeymoon is going to be because she was just stressed the whole time. It's like you rack your brain the entire time trying to plan this magical moment and every single corner you turn, something goes wrong. Either someone is messing up, or you're messing up according to someone else because you didn't do things this way or that way and I just feel like it was unnecessary stress."

Do you want or plan to renew your vows?

"I was told that we are going to at five years. That's what we're supposed to do. I consulted with a few of my uncles about it and they said, 'If you're into that type of stuff, go ahead. I did it and it's over with'. I'm a 'people pleaser', so it looks like we probably will. I already got some stuff written down, so I'm ready. I write a little something every day." answered Jeff.

"I wouldn't mind renewing our vows, but probably at 10 years, not 5 years."

Was your wedding day everything you expected?

"It's so weird because I only dreamed of my wedding day once. That was the day we were going to get married and that was April 21st. It was a beautiful day, putting aside everything that ended up going wrong because something always goes wrong when planning a wedding. Everyone said it was a beautiful wedding and I thought it was too, so I think it was perfect." -replied Chenai.

Jeff replied, "I actually dreamed of eloping before I had the whole idea of planning a wedding. I'm buying tuxes and things and I never imagined getting down on one knee, but I'm actually happy that it happened and I feel good about that. My boys always say 'Bruh you really got married! You're the only one that did that!' I had to think back like wow you’re right I am the only one that did that... breaking the cycle."

Are there any pictures that you wish your photographer would have captured, but did not?

"Oh man the 'twerk contest'!" started Jeff.

"Twerk contest?!" Chenai responded

"Oh you weren't there for that?" Jeff joked with Chenai.

"That did not happen" laughed Chenai and continued with, "I wish she would have captured more creative and 'artistic' poses."

What was your most wasteful purchase in regards to planning your wedding?

"I think the biggest waste of money was that we put a deposit on a place that we didn't use. We put a deposit on a couple of places, but that one, we completely loss. The other one, they let us use the venue the next day for a brunch, so we still got to make use of it." Chenai answered.

What is the best advice you would give to someone else planning their wedding?

Jeff responded, saying "My best advice to a groom would be.... Do what she wants because this is not about you! This has nothing to do with you. Just be there and be sober. Give her what she wants and make sure this is a day that she will remember and you'll be fine."

"My best advice to a bride would be to relax. When you are coming up with your budget and trying to figure everything out try to have a balance between going crazy and doing everything yourself and paying to have someone do it for you." Chenai advised.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how these two planned their wedding. They have a bright and fun future ahead of them and Alluring DeKor wishes them nothing but love and happiness. Thank you for you tuning in this week and please come back next Wednesday to see who next week's #WCW Couple will be!

Happy Planning Folks!

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