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Mr. & Mrs. Williams

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This week's WeddingCrushWednesday couple goes to Mr. & Mrs. Williams. I met Corey and Taneilya a few years ago when they both started playing on my co-ed flag football team. Unfortunately Taneilya's football career was short-lived after an injury, but the two have remained good friends. As my team met back up to start preparing for our upcoming season, I was honored to reunite with the two and discuss their wedding experience. The two purchased their first home almost two years ago and have a beautiful family. They have a son named Dominick and a daughter named McKenzie. They both agreed that they are done having children, but hope to expand their family with a puppy in the near future. Taneilya works as a Dental Assistant and Corey is in the military. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are living happily ever after and was very willing to share their wedding day story with me. I featured another Mr. & Mrs. Williams last year, but this couple is no duplicate. Please read to see how the two painted a rainbow with their love.

How and when did you two meet?

“Corey says we met in school, but I think we met on Myspace in 2007.” -Taneilya

“We actually met in 1997 on the high school bus. I ended up beating up this boy that took her keys, but she says she doesn’t remember that or me.” -Corey

“I don’t remember that so I don’t count that. I don’t remember him the least bit in high school. He was a grade ahead of me. Apparently we rode the same bus and had some of the same friends, but I do not remember him.” -Taneilya

How long did you date before you got engaged?

“We started dating in 2007 and I proposed to her in 2012.” –Corey

How did you propose to her?

“We were at Great American Buffet. She didn’t know, but I gathered everyone together. My mom had actually come back to visit from Texas. I got the ring in January, but I didn’t propose until March. I got everybody together at the restaurant and proposed there.” –Corey

Did you cry Taneilya?

“I did not. I was too shocked to cry.” -Taneilya

How long were you engaged?

“We were engaged for about a year and 4 months.”-Taneilya

Wedding Date: June 8, 2013

Indoor Ceremony (First AME Baptist Church; Manassas, VA) Indoor Reception (Fire & Rescue Squad; Manassas, VA)

Approximate Expense: $5,000

Was it mandatory for you to get married in a church?

“We both just wanted to.” -Taneilya

What was the most helpful while planning the wedding?

“Corey was actually the most helpful because he actually did most of the planning. I would say he probably did 80% of the planning.” –Taneilya

“I think the most helpful thing was everybody just being patient. They were all being patient with me while I got everything together. I worked with my uncle and aunt and they helped me with different things.” –Corey

How many people did you have in your bridal party?

“We had 23 people.” –Corey

Why did you decide to have so many people in your party?

“The main reason was that he had so many groomsmen so I had to keep adding bridesmaids.” -Taneilya

“That part is true. I figured since I was planning the wedding I get to do it my way. I had 10 groomsmen, she had 10 bridesmaids.” –Corey

“We also had an honorary guest and 2 flower girls.” –Taneilya

What were your wedding colors and/or theme?

“It was a Rainbow Theme. We had every color except yellow and orange and that was just because everyone refused to wear those colors.” –Taneilya

What was your inspiration for your colors?

“Well when we first started talking about the colors I was just like ‘I can’t really decide on one color’. I love colorful stuff and since it was my wedding I just decided that I would have every color I wanted to have. I went to David’s Bridal and got color swatches and I picked out the colors and how I wanted them to coordinate in the wedding. I gave each girl, starting with my Maid of Honor, a color and they all got the same style of dress, but just a different color.” –Taneilya

How did your bridesmaids feel about this approach?

“I think we only had one girl that didn’t like her color, but other than that I think everyone else was fine with it.” –Taneilya

What was the most stressful while planning the wedding?

“I think for me it was the number of guests. We had such a large wedding and we had to keep it under a certain amount. We got some ‘RSVP Cards’ that said they were bringing 8 people. We ended up having a total of 250 people.” –Taneilya

“I would agree the guests as well because the 8 people that someone was trying to bring were on my side. The other thing that stressed me out was my line brother. I had one line brother at the last minute to back out and I had to find someone to fill his spot. It was stressful because I really wanted my line brother to be in the wedding. We were able to fill that void within a week, so it didn’t last long, but that was definitely the most stressful part for me because it was about 3 weeks before the wedding.” –Corey

What was your best or favorite memory from your wedding day?

“I can honestly say that my favorite part was just being at the church and letting everything play out and Taneilya coming down the aisle. I feel like that was the best part. Of course the reception was great with all the family being together and everything. It was just the fact that it was finally there and it was really happening. I almost cried, but I held it together.” –Corey

“My favorite part was probably our first dance. That’s when I started feeling the emotions and I was like ‘Oh My Gosh, we are really married’. I think that’s when I almost cried. During the ceremony I was more so concentrating on when it was going to be over and when I could get out of those shoes, but at the reception is when it really hit me. Dominick came and danced with us.” –Taneilya

What was your worst memory from your wedding day?

“The worst memory was when we had a particular bridesmaid complaining about the music. Honestly I almost wanted to choke her.” -Corey

“While everyone was eating the DJ was playing mellow music and she wanted to dance right away. The DJ kind of told her that after everyone eats that he would then put on music that everyone could dance to, but he wanted to keep it mellow while people were still eating.” –Taneilya

“The other thing was my uncle wanted to be a part of the wedding so since his company was catering he left two people in charge of the food for the evening. They kind of messed up some things and it delayed the food a little bit.” –Corey

“The food was great, but just a little late.” –Taneilya

Looking back on that day and everything that went into planning your wedding and seeing where you are today; would you do it all over again and the same way?

“I feel like we did everything the way it was supposed to be done. I do know that when it’s time for us to renew our vows that it’s going to just be me her and the kids.” –Corey

“When we first got engaged I was kind of thinking we shouldn't have a big wedding. I was thinking that we more so just have a big party. I’m glad we did it the way we did it.” -Taneilya

Was your wedding day everything you expected, more, or less?

“I think it exceeded my expectations.” –Taneilya

“I feel the same way because of the cost. I think we did really well for the cost. I know people spend way more money than what we spent and I was happy with how everything came together.” –Corey

What was your most wasteful purchase?

“The centerpieces that I made for the wedding were white flowers and I spray painted them each a different color of the rainbow. I put them in glasses with lollipops and little chocolate balls and I think I ordered way too much candy. We made about 50 or so centerpieces, in which we encouraged people to take home, but we still had so many bags of candy and lollipops still left over” –Taneilya

Were there any pictures that you wish your photographer would have captured, but he didn’t?

“I think he captured everything. He gave us an album with pictures and also gave us a disc with all the pictures on them, so I was very pleased with him.” -Corey

“Yes, he did great. He came to rehearsal and took pictures. He also was with me while I was getting ready in the hotel. He left and went with Corey and the guys while they were getting ready. He got pictures of us at the church before the wedding. He did the ceremony pictures, after the ceremony, reception pictures, and pictures of us getting into the limo. He captured it all.” -Taneilya

What would be the best advice you would give to a couple planning their wedding and also for them to remember while they start their new marriage?

“As far as the wedding I would say just make sure to plan everything out. Take your time, talk, and plan everything out. You don’t want to exceed your budget because that’s going to make a lot of things difficult. As far as the marriage itself, just remember communication. Without communication, the marriage is not going to work.” –Corey

“Don’t put so much time and energy into just the wedding day. After the wedding day, you have to remember that you have a marriage. I feel like so many people spend so much on just one day and should put more time and energy into the marriage. As far as the marriage, I would say that you should always put God first and after that everything else will follow.” –Taneilya

Thank you so much for taking the time to support me and read about this couples wedding experience. They enjoyed expressing themselves within the planning of their weddings and I'm so glad to have featured them as today's WCW couple of the week. Please continue to tune in every Wednesday for a new couple, new wedding experience, and lots of tips, ideas, and guidance.

If you or some one you know is interested in being featured as one of my Wedding Crush Wednesday couples please take a moment to email at:

Happy Planning Folks!!!!

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