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Some Bunny Turned One: Ma'Leia's 1st Birthday

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This past weekend has been extremely busy preparing and celebrating my little 'bunny' turning ONE! With so much going on this weekend, I was unable to connect with a couple to interview for my regular #WeddingCrushWednesday feature. I decided to feature my little princess and all the different detail I put into her birthday celebration.

Our celebration started on Friday, when I met my 'Sister/Friend' at the local battlefield to take these adorable 'SmashCake' photos.

I purchased the jumbo cupcake from our local Safeway Grocery Store for about $2.99

I recycled her Halloween costume that was just a simple tutu and headband (and originally came with wings) with a plain white onesie and tights. I purchased the tutu set from Marshall's for about $7.99. I received the month stickers for my baby shower and I consistently tracked her monthly progress with a picture.

My friend provided the pink blanket and balloons from Party City

The birthday poster was created by myself and I sell it on my Etsy Shop for $20.00 I got it printed (16 x 20) at Costco for about $7.

Along with using the birthday poster for the pictures, I also included it with the party decor. Unfortunately nature didn't agree with my plan to host an outdoor event so at the last minute I had to move the party inside. We continued with out outdoor EggHunt and then moved everything indoors. After all the stress and panic the party turned out very nice. Check out the pictures and feel free to contact me for assistance and/or ideas for your next event.

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