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Cowboys Themed Birthday Party

Updated: Feb 26, 2020


My Inspiration

I cannot believe it! My baby boy is officially a 5 year old and ready to start kindergarten next year. These past 5 years have been filled with laughs, love, sadness, fear, heartbreak, disappointment, excitement, stress, sacrifice, blessings, happiness, obstacles, and lots of joy!

Marsel was born at 6:41am and that is literally the exact moment in time that my life changed for the better. After 25 years of living on earth; I finally felt like my life had meaning and purpose. He came into my life when I was just living life with my new husband and no real motivation and/or ambition. We were just existing (please don't get me wrong... we were definitely having a lot of fun with just us two), but with no real drive and/or direction. Because this day, December 3, 2012; represents the true date my life changed for the better; I vowed to always celebrate him and his birthday as one of the most important days of the year. He was a true gift from God and through all my many tears and nervous breakdowns that I shed and had over him... he has made life so much more exciting and meaningful.

Every year I try to think of themes to represent him and the stage he's in at that current point in his life. This year; I couldn't think of any other theme except FOOTBALL! In the past year he got to play both flag and tackle football for the first time and boy did he love it. This little 5 year old knows almost all of the NFL teams and the many different plays. The Wells' household is full of Dallas Cowboy fans. We decided this was a perfect opportunity to show off our pride to all of our friends and family members who choose to embarrass themselves by repping for the Redskins and Giants. Everyone was asked to wear their team jersey and we had a blast!


Party Details

When I am planning a party I like to focus on the details and experience of the event. I've hosted parties in all different spaces and sometimes it takes too much time and effort to transform every aspect of the room. This could be due to limitations and restrictions of the venue (i.e. not hanging things on walls) or limited and/or restricted budget. Instead of focusing on the things that I cannot change; I just make it my mission to work with what I have and can change. Instead of trying to focus on covering every wall with decor; I always focus on creating a lasting memory and impression of the event.

Set the Tone!

As I mentioned before... My son is a Cowboys fan, but he is also a huge Ezekiel Elliot fan, number 21 and running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Instead of doing a traditional 4x6 or 5x7 invitation; I decided to go with an invitation design mimicking a ticket and showcasing his favorite player.

This invitation design set the tone for the guests to know it will be a football party!

To order this design or other NFL sport teams; visit my shop on Etsy! Click here to be redirected!

Make a Great 1st Impression!

When my guests, especially the younger guests, enter I want them to see the variety of sweets to choose from. This gets them automatically excited. I've taken a great interest and specialty into creating an alluring Candy/Dessert table.

The key to creating a nice Candy/Dessert table is to follow a color scheme (the color scheme of the event). Due to the Dallas Cowboys being Blue, White, and Silver/Grey... I went with those colors for the table display. The sweets included Jumbo marshmallows with decorative blue/white straws, individually packaged Rice Krispies Treats, blue and silver wrapped Hershey Kisses, Blue Raspberry flavored Laffy Taffy candies, Decorative cookies, and chocolate/vanilla cupcakes with football/Cowboys themed toppers.

Create Memories!

Pictures have always been 'my thing'! When you think about it... balloons will deflate, food will be eaten or thrown away, and decor will be taken down and some time discarded.

Pictures will last FOREVER! Because of that... I absolutely love creating a fun and creative photo booth for people to enjoy, take pictures, and most importantly... create memories.

This is fun for both children and adults!

Add Minor Details!

I decided to make little labels for some of the foods and drinks. We made Gatorade and put it in the 'Gatorade' dispenser to add a special effect. In addition; I focused on the menu and decided to keep it simple with tailgate items. This included hot dogs, pizza, variety of bag chips, chips & vegetable dip, chips & spinach dip, and baked beans.

When it's time to party... party hard!

Thanks for stopping by!



Cupcakes | Walmart |

Cookies | Joy Smith | Facebook

Everything Else | Alluring DeKor |

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