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Ties & Tiaras Dinner & Dance (2018)

Updated: Feb 26, 2020


Date: Saturday, March 17, 2018

Location: The Upper Room Christian Cathedral | Manassas, VA



Considering myself a young adult and a mother of two little ones; I take a huge interest in today's youth. For several years, it has been my passion to create fun, safe, and healthy activities for the children in the community to become involved in. As a member of The Upper Room, I've truly been blessed with some of THEE BEST church family I could ever imagine. Our Pastor, Jesse Radford III, and First Lady, Almeta Radford have been true blessings and awesome supporters of my vision and cultivating it into a platform.

I've always seen Father-Daughter Dances, but never really saw a Mother-Son event with the same kind of vibe and/or feel. Being a mother of a handsome and energetic son; this gave me the desire to host my own dance and make it not only memorable for myself and family, but all those who would be a part.

With a vision in mind; I spoke to some members of the church who I knew could help me bring it to life. I must say it exceeded my expectations and from the positive feedback I received from the attendees; I'd have to say it did the same for them.



First Step: Design and Publish the Flyer

Second Step: Create a Menu & Find a Caterer

Third Step: Find a DJ

DCSportsFan24 Ent.

DJ Big Mike

Step Four: Set up some games and contact local sponsors for prizes.

Step Five: Set up the room with fun decor including table settings, sweets tables, and photo booth.

Step Six: Dance and HAVE FUN!

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